Blue Water Navy Ships That Operated On Vietnam's Inland Waterways

The Department of Veterans Affairs has started their collection of data recognizing "Blue Water" ships that served on the inland waterways of Vietnam (in "brown water"). The January, 2010 Comp & Pension Bulletin provides this list.

If you served on any of those vessels during the times specified, you will be granted, without further development and delay, a presumptive exposure to herbicides for the purpose of health care and monetary compensation.

Please note: This list is not complete. If you served on a ship that entered the inland waterways of Vietnam, please contact us here at navy at with as much detail as possible so we can provide this information to the DVA for processing and inclusion in their data base. Most important is a DATE and a location along with the ship's name and hull number.

'NO ports or harbors will be considered inland waters for the purpose of presumptive herbicide exposure'. The mention of Cam Ranh Bay was apparently just poor wording and is not intended to imply that Cam Ranh Bay was the reason for listing of USS Niagara Falls.

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