Visit to get the details on the VA Shredding Scandal. And then ACT!!

Larry Scott opened this story wide, and now is the PERFECT TIME to help get that system CHANGED

In the words of Jim Strickland -

"When VAWatchdog broke this story weeks ago it caught VA off guard. We sent a torpedo in that direction and holed them below the water line.

Make no mistake, the actions you are seeing today has rattled them to their very core.

This wasn't an unpleasant mistake by a guy getting his laptop stolen. It is apparent to all that the shredding of documents was intentional and had a purpose. They aren't confessing that directly, no surprise. These guys are too smart to fall on their swords, you have to give them a push.

It's my opinion that VAWatchdog has started what may be a turning point in how VA operates. That they are frantically trying to put committees together, put their own watchdogs in place internally and answer to some really annoyed Congressmen and Senators is a great start.

As always, this won't go anywhere without every one of you taking the time to get in contact with your representatives and let them know just how you feel. I'm already in a dialogue with my representatives and I've sent a strong message to the transition team of our new president.

I've said it before...if you haven't walked the walk...if all you're doing is to talk the are the problem. It takes 10 minutes to get on your computer and send a message to your Senator. It's almost too easy. Call your Congressman and leave a message.

If you're one who writes to comment at VAWatchdog but you haven't written to the official who represents you in D.C., just what is it you're waiting for?"

So, there you have it. If ever there was a chance to create a change, it is NOW! Please act on this. Don't let this opportunity go by. Don't sit back and think that 'all the others' are going to be doing something about it. Take this as a personal mission and CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.

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