Activity Report

Since November, 2008, Directors and Project Managers at the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association (BWNVVA) have directly assisted in freeing up claims illegally held under the Haas Stay, and being improperly handled following the lifting of the Haas Stay. We have specifically interfaced with the VA to review and adjudicate at least a dozen illegally or improperly handled veterans' claims for compensation. These were 95% Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma claims that should have cleanly gone through under Section 3.313 since August, 2006 or earlier, but in fact had to be pushed and shoved every inch of the way at more than six of the Regional Offices.

The outcome of our involvement, which is still ongoing, has been 100% successful so far. Our assistance with these claims has resulted in veterans receiving nearly $200,000 in back pay and receiving a combined $9,000 in ongoing monthly compensation payments.

These claim interventions were done in close coordination with staff members from several Committees in both the House and Senate.

We have several additional projects in process and others on the horizon. These new efforts should be helpful to other veterans of the Vietnam War in several specific circumstances. And once again, we're pushing these claims through, one by one. If that's what it takes, that's what we will continue to do. That's our commitment to you, the veteran.

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